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Provide us the basic Details Step 1
Agreeing to Our presented offer Step 2
We collect your bike for FREE! Step 3
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01 Provide us the basic Details

I want to sell my bike but from where to start? Well, the initial procedure includes following easy directed prompts which guides you to enter the specifications related to the car. We motorbike dealers require you to key in the details about your bike and the contact so that we may approach you to proceed with the course of actions related to your bike. Don’t worry regarding the model of your vehicle as we buy any bike and value your motorbike.

After the submission of the form you can wait to be contacted by one of our agents. The agents are going to reply to your submitted information within 24 to 48 hours of the business day and provide your motor bike valuation. Our team is operational 24 hours a day and works 7 days a week.

02 Agreeing to Our presented offer

The information that you submit to us is processed instantly. You will get a quick response to the floating question in your head — how much is my motorbike worth? You will be receiving the instant the offer for your car by the agent. The offer presented to you is calculated via our sophisticated and high tech software at This super genius and efficient software permits us to make calculations depending on the bike specification and the conditions regarding its detail supplied by you earlier. For this reason the offers are greatly precise and are not just the product of some rough approximations or an automated system.

Without a grain of doubt the best way to pay you is cash. The facility of wire transfer from our account to your s is also available. There is no hidden cost for this service. The fund transaction starts when our driver is at your address for collecting the bike. These cleared funds are made available within the time span of 10—15 minutes usually

Note that we charge no veiled or concealed fees for the purpose of administration work or the fees related to the funds transfer. The customer security and satisfaction tops our list of priority. So consequently we suggest our clients to free and handover their bikes to us only when they are completely sure about the deal.

03 We collect your Bike for FREE

After finalizing the offer you need to just sit back and relax. We are not only motorbike dealers. Instead we are the company which looks after every possible aspect that a customer can worry about during the process of selling your bike. Our fast and efficient payment mode and the collection service of the bike is often praised and highly regarded by our valued customers.

The good news is the collection of your bike is free. We have given you the freedom of choosing the convenient location for you. Be it your residence, workplace or anywhere. We can pick your car from your said location.
The whole procedure of the selling takes between 15-30minutes. We are here to ease you and ultimately can make the arrangement of settling any outstanding due or finance on the bike
Kindly make a note of the letter that you will need to provide us about the details regarding the current settlement figure from your finance company. This settlement amounts shall be deducted from the money paid to you by us for the bike.

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