Guidelines for Selling Motorcycle

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August 3, 2018
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August 5, 2018
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Guidelines for Selling Motorcycle



In the modern era of advanced technologies, new and better versions of everything, be it any possible field, are being introduced to offer better services. With latest and new styles of motorbikes being launched every coming day, you would possibly need to sell your current one and find yourself a more robust newer version. Selling and shopping for motorbikes or the other vehicle is the clutter of a deal these days.

Commercializing your bike does not have to be compelled to be sophisticated and nerve-racking. By doing a touch of preparation and by being attentive of the subsequent straightforward stepwise guide, you’ll be able to avoid a number of the pitfalls that some sellers walk into. You are at the most effective place if you anticipate selling your bike on-line which too not being sophisticated.

There are some basic steps to require which can hopefully result in you holding a bundle of fresh easy money waving farewell to your bike because the new owner rides out of your road and around the corner.

Below are some helpful recommendations and tips for commercializing your bike.

Appearance Of Bike 

The first impression you would like to create positive is of how your bike looks, remember, once you first bought your bike, how shiny it absolutely was within the bike showroom? Put in some wet wax and chain lubricants and finish off by a giving it a worthy wash. If it’s serious, individuals pay the cash. At just one occasion it’s smart to check the bike is visually within as it is out.

Offer it a mini service. You ought to manage the oil, tires, coolant, electrics, and chain to create positive they’re dead operating order. Fix any leaks and alter the timeworn problems. Replace any blown bulbs and clean the brakes. The lot of effort you set in, the less a purchaser ought to haggle regarding. Make sure you check it starts and runs swimmingly. There is nothing worse than having a purchase change and the bike does not start!

If your bike desires an MOT, get one. A un-MOT bike is troublesome to sell. A full year’s MOT may be a smart sign for any purchaser. 

Bike Check

Most purchasers can wish to complete a motorbike check on the bike before they purchase. You may require the registration plate as a lower limit, and ideally the frame and engine varieties and therefore the MOT certificate serial number. You may then create a report back to tell the vendor, whether or not the bike has been written off and remodeled, has finance owing on that, has been registered taken, if the fabric body and engine numbers area unit right, or maybe if the MOT may be a scam. It’s tons easier and saves a good deal of your time.

Information Concerning The Bike

Have prepared all the knowledge concerning the bike, it’ll cause the entire on top of checks rather more leisurely. Check that you’ve got all the service records, receipts for any modifications, accessories added to the bike, previous MOT, log book and tax receipts. The more of info you’ve got it handy, the more of smooth the marketing method will be. Set this book, service history, MOT certificate and repair receipts during a folder and do not forget to incorporate the house owner’s manual and power kit.


The next step is deciding what proportion to sell your bike for. Everyone desires to get the most effective worth whenever it involves selling any of their happiness. But before setting or finalizing any quantity one should keep in mind the condition of their bike and model as a result of exigent an excessive amount of will daunt the potential consumers. One must be versatile in this since a result of staying stubborn on extremely high costs might scare consumers away.

Where To Sell It?

Like shopping for, you’ll sell your bike in private or to a dealer online. If you are during a desperate hurry for money or commercialism in your bike for a more recent one, then marketing to a dealer is advised to be faster and easier. You’re at the most effective place to sell your bike to Motor Bike Buyers, we are solely committed to buying bikes and keeping the customers satisfied, to save time likewise as getting the most appropriate cash for your bike.

Offering A Test Ride

Be careful when proposing your take-a-look-at ride. Use your wisdom – if you’ve got any doubts the least bit, do not let the bike out of your sight – it’d not come once more. If you’re puzzling over locution affirmative to a take a look at the ride, then evoke the terms in money as a deposit, a minimum of that means if they are doing a runner, you will not lose out.

Make sure that the person riding the bike is insured to ride your bike. The sole real proof is seeing associate degree insurance certificate with the claim to ride alternative bikes. Another great way to protect you is to require a photograph of the client. Even mistreatment of your movable is not okay. In this fashion, if your bike will get purloined, a minimum that you can do is at least show the police who did it.

Obtaining The Money

Once everything is finalized and the customers are looking forward to buying your bike, the next step to consider is obtaining the money. If the vendee needs to pack the bike away there then, raise the client to require cash. It’s sufficiently gentler for both the parties and it’s the sole real security once the vendee assumes the wheel for a take a look at the drive.

If the vendee desires to pay by check, don’t lease the bike go till the check has cleared in your report. Checks will bounce and may be broken simply. Another selection may be a direct cash transfer between the buyer’s account and yours.

Keeping A Record Of Sold Item

Some consumers may ask for a receipt and you yourself need to keep a record of what you sold. Clearly write out the main points of the bike, details of the customer and therefore the quantity they need to be paid. Sign and date and most significantly write the celebrated ‘sold as seen’ on very cheap.

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