I want to sell my bike | We have you covered!

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June 9, 2019
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June 9, 2019
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I want to sell my bike | We have you covered!

A common statement which is quite famous in the motorbike industry is, “I want to sell my Bike.” Whether you are a customer or the buyer or even the motorbike dealer this statement would be used. At one point or another, this would be used to emphasize on the need of the motorbike’s sale. But often at times, this statement loses the emphasis of the true point. That is intended as I want to sell my bike at the best price.

Many dealers and buyers have a common goal that is they buy your motorbikes at the cheapest of price. This is to say as it makes them profitable to buy at a cheaper price. Thus selling it later on at a higher price. But this loses the customer confidence in the first place. In the end, it makes them realize that buying a bike would never be a good investment. As it doesn’t give a good return if sold in the future. And thus this statement that I want to sell my bike is easily misunderstood. Eventually, these motorbikes are sold at the cheapest of price.

For this particular reason, motorbikebuyer.co.uk is here to make sure that your voice is not left unheard. As what you mean to emphasize is exactly understood by us. Here are some features of what our procurement process especially takes into account:

1). Detailed Examination of the Motorbike

During the entire procurement process, we make sure that your bike is valued at the best price. This can only be done through a detailed examination of each and every part of the motorbike. Thus making sure that when you say that I want to sell my bike, we give you the best price offer for it. Most buyers don’t go for detailed examination or inspection of the motorbike. However, when they do they pinpoint each and every problem which can be used at their advantage. Giving them the edge to lower the bargaining price of the motorbike. In the end, it makes you suffer for the loss of amount which could have been easily recovered.

2). Negotiation and Proper dealing

Unlike normal motorbike dealers who quote the final price of your bike, we make sure that our customers get the proper chance of negotiation for their valued belongings. Because quoting a fixed final offer to a customer who says, “I want to sell my bike” is the same as discouraging them to ever buy a motorbike in the future. Hence, we make sure that customers are given the best of the attention and given the best of the opportunity to quote a price which is completely suitable and acceptable.

3). Exchange offers and other complementary services

Along with that, we offer the exchange services to our customers so that they can buy a motorbike which they find attractive here with us and not only that complementary services such as maintenance and test drive are also available to make ensure that your satisfaction is at the topmost level. Thus saving customers from hectic and tiresome processes of selling and buying motorbikes.

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