How To Sold Used and Damaged Bikes Online In UK

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August 5, 2018
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August 6, 2018
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How To Sold Used and Damaged Bikes Online In UK

We buy any motor bike

We buy any motor bike

With the latest and fresh patterns of motorbikes being launched into the market every other day, one might desire to sell their current used and damaged one and catch yourself a better, newer version. Selling and buying motorbikes or any other vehicle is a whole lot of a job now. It doesn’t have to be complicated and nerve-wracking. The Internet is full of scams these days for all kind of sellers and selling a bike in person is really hectic and tiring. One can simply not go for any website they see on the internet but only for the recognized ones which are loves by sellers due to their services and one such is Motor-Bike-Buyer. We are a trusted registered UK website which one can go blindly without giving any second thoughts.

By exercising a bit of preparation and taking note of the following simple step-by-step guide, you can obviate some of the pitfalls that some sellers walk into. You are in the best spot if you look forward to selling your bike online and that too not being complicated:

Making Sure Your Bike Looks Better

The first thing before anything you need to make sure of is how your bike looks because it’s actually the looks which leave a better first impression of your bike. Remember, when you first bought your motorcycle, how shiny it was in the bike showroom? Put in some wet wax and chain lube and get rinsed. If it seems serious, people will pay the money. At one time it looks good check the bike visually inside and out. Contribute to giving it a mini service. You should manipulate the oil, tires, coolant, electrics, and chain to make sure they are all in working order. Fix any leaks and adjust the scope.

If you have time and want better money for your bike then replace any blown bulbs and clean the brakes. The more effort you put in, the less a buyer will have to haggle about. Make sure you mark it starts and that it goes smoothly. There’s nothing worse than having a buyer come round and the motorcycle won’t take off!

Basic Bike Details

Most buyers will always want to stop a bike check on your bike before they actually buy it. You will be required to have the registration plate as a lower bound, and ideally the frame and engine numbers and the MOT certificate serial number. You’ll then prepare a report to tell the seller, whether the bike has been written off and rebuilt, has finance owing on it, has been registered stolen, if the fabric body and engine numbers are correct, or even if the MOT is a fraud.

It is a great deal easier and saves a great deal of time to have one already waiting so the buyer doesn’t have to worry. Make sure you Have ready and filed all the information about the bike, it will do all of the above checks much more smoothly Make sure you have all the service records, receipts for any accessories added to the bike,  log book, tax receipts and all important stuff buyer may ask for. The more information you have to hand, the more smoothly the selling process can be.

Pricing Your Bike

Everyone when selling any of their good has an expectation of the price they will want to sell it off. Keeping in mind everything about your bike you should decide what price to sell it off. Everyone wants to find a better price offering buyer whenever it comes to selling any of their belonging. But before setting or demanding any amount one must restrain in mind the stipulation of their cycle and model because demanding too much can scare away the likely purchasers. One needs to be negotiable in that because demand really high prices may scare buyers away.

Meeting the Buyer at a Desired Place

Once everything discussed above is finalized next thing is meeting the buyer directly or any broker at a consented place and answer to all the queries buyers usually have and finalizing the price. The buyer may ask for a test ride that very moment. If you are thinking about saying yes to a test drive, then ask for the asking price in immediate payment as a down payment. At least that way if they do a runner, you won’t miss out. Make certain that the person riding the bicycle is insured to drive your bicycle. The only tangible proof is seeing an insurance certificate with entitlement to ride other motorcycles.

Receiving the Money

Once everything is finalized and the buyers are onto buying your bicycle the next comes getting the cash for your bike. If the buyer wants to carry the bike away there and then, ask the buyer to get hard currency. It is a lot easier for both parties and it is the only real security when the buyer takes the bike for a test ride. If the purchaser wants to pay by check, do not hire the bike go until the check has cleared in your account. Checks can bounce and can be checked easily.  Another option might include a direct money transfer between the buyer’s account and yours.

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