How To Sell Yamaha XRS700 In a Day

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How To Sell Yamaha XRS700 In a Day

value my bike

value my bike

Any biker who is up for selling their motorbike due to whichever reason must know that selling bikes online isn’t one easy thing. There are many things to keep in mind and not just that, one must look for the most reliable website offering good money. Selling a motorbike is often a compilation of days of struggle in the life of any real rider – whether it’s due to changes in the family, a rearranging of financial priorities, or even to put cash toward a different bike, seeing your baby ride off into the sunset to a new home is always kind of a letdown.

But what can make the entire experience whole lot better, is getting to know you got top dollar for it and had a smooth and easy transaction to boot. But there is a system to this, and most people don’t know what it is – instead, they take a few bad quality cell phone pictures of their bike wherever it’s sitting, write an unnecessary listing, and sit back and wait for a buyer, ending up with dealing with the inevitable flood of low-ballers and scammers that follows.

If you are one of the masses who are expecting to trade their motorbikes online, you are indeed scrolling to the right place in the right situation because this template is totally about a trusted motorbike buyer. You may need to sell your motorbike for various reasons, for instance, it’s turning old and you don’t long to ride it any longer. Besides, it can be the case that a new model has fascinated you and you want to buy it after selling your old bike. No matter what the cause is, all you want is an honest buyer for your motorcycle. Below is shared an experience of how one can sell his or her motorbike for an evenhanded price to a reliable buyer:

The Selling Process

Once you decide to sell your Yamaha XRS700 motorcycle, you have to understand one thing – selling any big ticket item is a process. There are multiple steps to it, and you will likely have to put some money and certainly a good chunk of time into it, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you can always trade it online.


Here Are The 4 Steps To Selling Your Yamaha XRS700 Motorcycle

The Research Phase:

When selling anything, particularly a large ticket item, it is essential to research the marketplace first. You need to do this to get a feel for what the marketplace looks like from a buyer’s perspective, and also to learn a reasonable evaluation for your bike in the current market in your country. Blue Book values are generally not the best means to cause this – while they create a starting point for pricing, they are too generalized, and usually, too high.

Look at other Yamaha XRS700 bikes like yours in about a 50-mile radius, factor in the condition and miles of your own, and price accordingly. Another thing to be conscious of with motorcycles, in particular, is the time of year you are selling because motorcycle riding is a highly seasonal activity. If you live in states where freezing weather during winter makes it impossible to ride, you’ll have very hard luck trying to sell a bike in fall or winter. One advantage of selling a bike to us will include you can sell it at any time of the year, any time of the day. Since we enjoy working 24/7 and keeping the customers satisfied every time of the year.

Once you have a good idea of the value of your Yamaha XRS700 bike and how it stacks up to what else is out there, it’s time to get it ready to go on display

Bike Preparation Phase:

If you want to get top dollar for your Yamaha XRS700 bike and make it really appetizing to potential buyers, you’ll need your bike to be in “turnkey condition.” This means there are no apparent maintenance problems, the title and registration paperwork are in order, and the bike is clean and ready to ride. If any of these are neglected, you are going to have a hard time selling your bike, if you get offers at all.

First, you should take care of any important or obvious maintenance issues. Your bike doesn’t necessarily have to be in perfect condition, but any obvious damage should be repaired, and simple maintenance items should be up to date (things like fresh fluids, a strong battery, and a lubed chain.) Apparent crash damage will ding your bike’s value tremendously, so fix any of that if necessary.

Photos And Ad Posting :

Great photographs are essential to producing a high quantity of involvement in your bicycle, which will result in more qualified buyers and, ultimately, a higher price. Unluckily, as easy as it is to build your ad stand out with excellent photos, submitting those photos is something very few sellers manage to perform.

In order to get great shots of your bike, make sure it is completely clean, and move it to a location with lots of bright light and a pleasant, but the plain background. You want all the attention on your bike, not on anything else that might be in the photo.

Negotiating The Deal:

The nice part about being on the trading side of the wheel is that you retain most of the initiative in the process – the buyer is coming to you, and if they require you to stir off the price you’ve listed, they have to convince you of it. However, you still want a deal to work through, and both parties walking out from a deal empty-handed doesn’t help anyone.

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